How to Add the Triton Testnet to MetaMask and Receive Nautilus Testnet Tokens

6 min readMar 11, 2023


Adding Nautilus Chain’s Triton testnet to your MetaMask is easy. Once you’ve done it, you’ll be able to participate in testnet campaigns, earn rewards, and deploy testnet dApps. This guide will also show you how to get testnet tokens. Let’s dive in!

1. Adding Triton Testnet to MetaMask:

This can be done in just three easy steps using the info below ⬇️

Chain Name: Proteus Testnet

Chain ID: 88002

Currency symbol: tZBC


WSS: wss://

Testnet Faucet:

Faucet Example: curl -X POST -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -d ‘{ “wallet”: “0xAddress, “amount”: 1 }’

Step 1: Open MetaMask’s Network Menu

First, you’ll need to open MetaMask. Inside the network drop-down, click “Add Network”

Step 2: From there, scroll down until you find “Add a network manually” at the bottom of the screen, and click on it.

Step 3: Enter Testnet Information

To add a network manually, add the information from above (also shown in the screenshot below). Click “Save,” and you’re done!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added the Triton testnet for Nautilus Chain to your MetaMask, and now you’re ready to start testing.

If you use TonketPocket, you can view:

Step 1: Open TonketPocket and select the navigation button in the upper corner.

Step 2: Click on the wallet button

Step 3: Click to Manage Network

Step 4: Slide the screen to the bottom and click on Add custom network

Step 5: Enter the corresponding information and click Confirm

Step 6: Added successfully

Step 7: Select Nautilus Triton Testnet to create or import a wallet

2. How to Receive Testnet Tokens:

Receiving testnet tokens is also easy and can be done in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Got to the testnet faucet

Step 2: Fill in your Ethereum Wallet address

Step 3: Send testnet tokens.

Let’s get started. Start by visiting

Fill in your Ethereum Wallet address

Click [Send 5 tZBC] and pass the bot verification. You will then receive tokens in the connected wallet in about 2 minutes.

Now, you have testnet tokens in an EVM wallet on the Triton testnet network on Nautilus! You’re ready for building, experimenting, and participating in testnet campaigns.

3. Participate in the DApps beta test:

  • PoseiSwap

Step 1: Visit the Tesnet dAPP DEX:, connect the wallet, and switch to the Nautilus Triton Testnet network.

Step 2: Click on [Trade Now], and feel free to swap.

Step 3: You can also add liquidity interactions by clicking on [Liquidity].

Step 4: The final step!Submit your participation information to facilitate the distribution of incentives to community members who interact with testnet dApps👉

  • Multichain
  1. First, obtain test tokens for the ETH Goerli network and Nautilus Triton.
    Go to, paste your Ethereum address, and click “Send Me ETH.”

Head over to, paste your Ethereum address, and click “Send me 5 tZBC.”

2.Claim USDC test tokens on the ETH Goerli network
1) Visit
2) Choose the ETH test network
3) Paste your Ethereum wallet address

3.Perform a cross-chain Swap on MultiChain
Access the cross-chain direction to ETH Goerli -> Nautilus Triton and choose USDC as the token

Click “Approve USDC.”

Submit the Metamask approval message

Confirm the success, indicated by the displayed message

Enter the cross-chain amount, then click “Swap” -> “Confirm.”

After verifying the MetaMask details, wait for the cross-chain process to finish.

4. Participate in the Testnet Referral Campaign:

You can increase your chances of receiving future airdrops by having friends sign up test Nautilus with your referral link.
Here’s what you need to do to generate a referral link for your friends:
Step 1: Connect your wallet to
Step 2: Obtain test tokens (skip this step if you have already claimed test tokens)
Step 3: Link your Twitter account
Step 4: Register
Step 5: Get your referral link, share it on Twitter, and share it with others

Here’s a quick walk-through, complete with screenshots, to show you how to register to test Nautilus Chain and get a referral link:

Step 1: Click [Connect Wallet] to link your wallet. Please make sure to switch to the Nautilus Triton Testnet.

Step 2: Click [Collect tZBC] to go to the Testnet Faucet page and claim test tokens. For a tutorial on claiming test tokens>>>

If you have already claimed test tokens, your tZBC balance will be displayed here.

Step 3: Click [Verify with Twitter] to go to the Twitter page and follow the instructions to link your Twitter account.

Step 4: Click [Register] to consume tZBC as a gas fee and complete the registration.

Step 5: Now that you’ve completed the registration, you can see your account information and the information of those you’ve invited on the page. Click [Invite to earn more] to get your referral link, which you can share on Twitter or with others. For each successfully verified friend you invite, you’ll receive initial points (scoring rules to be announced later), and you’ll earn additional points every time they interact with NautiChain.

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